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by Administrator on October 31, 2018

Four To Go is Denver’s shop for Jeep Lift Kits

Jeep lift kits are one of the most sought after upgrades for Jeep owners. Ask any Jeep owner what their number one upgrade might be and you’ll undoubtedly hear, “lift kit”.  For serious off-roaders a lift kit is a necessity. A lift is what gives your rock crawler the attitude and performance expected of serious off road machines. The most accessorizedjeep lift kits rock crawler sold today is the Jeep Wrangler. It’s success is likely due to not only it’s off-road capabilities, but also the inherent levels of comfort and convenience. If your Wrangler doesn’t currently have a lift, it’s time to consider it.

There are two common ways to give a Jeep a lift. One would be a fully articulate lift kit that would change most of the Jeeps suspension parts, the other would be a simple ‘Budget Boost’ that is meant to achieve a bigger tire size. Both methods have their pros and cons. Which method you chose will ultimately depend on the type of driving you’re into and what you’re willing to spend.

A suspension lift will be for those hardy individuals that are looking for maximum performance, ground clearance and articulation. This option can be a bit on the pricey side. Suspension lifts are available in many different sizes (most commonly 3-4″), with highly engineered parts, providing all kinds of capability to fit bigger tires and get over bigger obstacles. Many times these kits include new springs, control arms, trac bars and shocks. This upgrade will give you the ground clearance you’ve been craving. For full suspension lifts Four To Go uses products from Rancho, Rubicon Express, JKS, Tough Country, and ReadyLift.

Budget Boost

The other option would be to ‘boost’ your height with a Budget Boost. This is perfect for those buyers where price is a factor or those looking just to fit that next tire size up. The installation on this type of suspension kit is much easier, which also means faster and cheaper than a full suspension lift. Typically a Budget Boost is as simple as new springs and shocks with a few minor geometrical changes in the steering. If you are living the ‘city driving’ dream and just need some clearance for tires … the budge boost is the way to go.

Jeep lift Four To GoFour To Go can help you create a look for your Jeep that will look great, ride great and get you through some of the craziest trails around. We have many great options available.  Whether you are looking for the smaller budget lift or the more involved kits to get those 37” tires, we can help. We can lift anything from the brand new Wranglers to the old CJ5’s and 7’s and most Jeeps in between. Our techs have been installing lifts on Jeeps for a combined 55 years. We hope you’ll stop by our shop located in Wheatridge, Colorado. Or, give us a call to find out more about what Four To Go can do to improve your 4×4. 303-421-5876.

See you on the trails

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Find Truck Lift Kits in Denver

by Administrator on September 26, 2018

Find Truck Lift Kits in Denver

Truck lift kits in Denver can be found at Four To Go, Colorado’s premier 4wd service shop. Four To Go is the go-to expert on the front range for lifts and lift kits. Wondering if a truck lift is right for you? Ask yourself the following:

  • Are you wanting to get out of the stock size tires?
  • Looking for a more aggressive looking/performing truck?
  • Tired of your truck taking a nose dive?

If your answer to any of these question is yes – then Four To Go can help you out. We have answers to all kinds of lifting situations.

truck lift kits in denverIf you’re looking to gain ground clearance on your truck to get over the next big obstacle, Four To Go can help. We have experience installing full lift kits going 4” or 6” high. This allows the truck to clear bigger tires. This gives you more clearance to get through obstacles encountered on rough trails. High lifts can also be a cosmetic upgrade, visually raising your vehicle above the crowd. Full lift kits generally include new front springs and shocks along with geometry changing brackets as well as rear shocks and blocks.

Leveling kits, like what you see in the picture, are designed to bring the front end of the truck up. Using a leveling kit makes room for a bit bigger tire and allows the truck to sit level. Four To Go has been installing these kits for many years. Lifting (leveling kits) usually involve a spring spacer in the front, sometimes with a longer shock.

Every truck is a bit different

Exactly what your truck needs will depend on the make and model. For example, Chevy truck modifications are more involved due to often times needing a build out of the front sub-frame, as well as spindles and shocks and blocks in the back. Some ½ ton trucks require a new lifted strut in the front with sub-frame spacers and spindles and then blocks and shocks in the back. There are a lot of factors to consider before lifting a truck. Stopping by our shop and chatting with one of our techs is always a good idea. You’ll find our family-run business will give it to you straight, as we prefer honesty over selling you stuff you won’t or don’t need.

Pricing for truck lifts and leveling range any where from a budget lift which is just some extra spacers and adjustments to a full rebuild of the entire suspension. Depending on the truck and the kit, this process can become lengthy and very involved. We’ll help you decide exactly what it right for you and your situation.

Regardless of what you want – we can do it.

Four To Go has been servicing the 4wd community in the greater Denver area for over 50 years. Our staff is highly trained and not only has the experience, but we also actively use the products and trucks we work with. If you’re looking for a go-to one stop shop for all your 4wd service needs, we hope you’ll come in. We are conveniently located in Wheatridge colorado. You can reach us anytime during regular business hours at 303-421-5876.


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